BF3 Statilyzer Base Camp

BF3 players/clans that are looking for the ultimate statsapp for Battlefield 3 need search no further. BF3 Statilyzer Base Camp offers all the stats you could want in a single app across the widest categories.  Not just general stats, our app includes weapons, vehicles, kit and soldiers specializations, and equipment stats. 

We are continually working to improve the stat detail to include more categories as well, including Dogtag details, upcoming unlocks,awards/ribbons, COOP mode and Platoons.  And finally, our app does not require you to enter your Battlelog login details, we don’t want your access info and you shouldn’t need to provide it to get access to the stats database. 

In order for stats to update at this time, you will need to go to and Update your player ID.  In-app updates are coming soon.

We hope you like it and please provide comments/review feedback.  


Download it now at the Android Market

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